Shaila and Jeremy's hands showing off her engagement ring


Here we try to provide answers to some of the questions we've received most often.

Is this going to be a multi-day event?
There will be small events spread across 2 days. Check the Events page for more details!
Will COVID-19 vaccinations be required?
Yes. We will be requiring everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated, including any boosters. We'll keep an eye on the latest rules and recommendations from the CDC and CDPH and update this space accordingly.
Are children invited?
We welcome any and all kids, but we're also ok if you want to make this a "parent's night out" and leave the children at home. Whatever is going to be more fun for you!
What is the question mark page all about?
We're big fans of escape rooms and puzzles. We wanted to bring a little bit of that to our wedding events. There is a first clue hidden in the save the date. Find that four digit code and you'll be shown where to find the next clue!
I misplaced my Save the Date, how do I solve the first puzzle?
Here you go. Front. Back.
What is that gingerbread looking picture?
This thing: Board Games Meeple? That's a Meeple. It's used in a lot of board games as a player token.
What is the dress code?
Black tie optional, heavy on the optional. What does that mean? Dress as fancy as you want, or as plain as your comfortable. Colors are encouraged! We'll be dressing up for the reception and we imagine most of our friends will too. You might feel a little under dressed if you show up in shorts and a t-shirt, but that's up to you.
What is the food going to be?
We will be serving South Indian food during the ceremony and North Indian food during the reception. The lunch will be full vegetarian, but the dinner will include some dishes with meat.
Is it ok to wear white? Or black?
Even though the bride traditionally doesn't wear white, you should not wear white to an Indian wedding. In Indian culture, the color white is associated with funerals. All black clothes would be considered a bad omen for the ceremony. A black outfit that has other colors or white would be fine.
What is the Sumuhurtham?
The sumuhurtham is the auspicious time (down to the minute) at which the main wedding event happens, and the couple is considered officially married.